Roof And Solar
Solar Pro Roofing customers can get a new roof with solar on their home for no money out of pocket, collect tens of thousands in tax credits, and pay off their project by saving money day 1! Our low interest loans offer lower monthly payments that replace your electric bills offering an immediate average savings of 40%-50%!

Our roofing and solar contractors assess every roof prior to installing solar panels in North Port, NY and the surrounding areas. If it's aged to the point that solar installation isn't ideal, we can add it into the solar loan allowing you to get tax credits on your roof as well, and for less monthly than you're paying your electric company now. It's rare that we are even remotely comparable to your electric bill even in projects that include a roof. In lamens terms everyone saves money with solar that does it.

Solar Panels
Own your solar today with $0 out of pocket. We offer the most competitive solar options in the state! Although we do offer non ownership options, our forte' is solar ownership. Not only are our interest rates for solar financing unprecedentedly lower than 90% of our competitors, but you can own your solar system without spending a single penny!

We design a solar panel system to meet your energy needs, not just for today but for years to come. Making sure this system will ideally do 100% or more of your power. Once we discern the system size and difficulty or lack thereof concerning the project, we price it out.
Finally, we handpick together the best term for you offering the most attractive monthly payment and savings! Once we have all approvals from the town and local utility, we complete your project expertly and professionally. Monthly payments to come will in place of your electric bills and saving you money every month and year and are FIXED! Meaning they never increase!

Roofing Services
The most competitive roofing prices in the North Port, NY and Long Island area!
There's nothing more important on a home than a roof. Our contractors offer full roof replacements with the best quality shingles and workmanship. Our GAF and Owens Corning roofs come with a limited lifetime warranty and impeccable aesthetics. We do recommend everyone gets a consultation on roofing and solar together as you can replace your roof by saving money monthly and take advantage of tens of thousands in tax credits doing it this way too!