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Protect Your Investment with Premier Roof Installation

Brentwood Roof Installation Company, Solar Pro Roofing, where excellence meets craftsmanship. We understand that a roof is more than just a structural component; it’s the shield for your home, your comfort, and your memories.

Why Choose Us for Your Roof Installation Needs in Brentwood, NY?

Built to Last

Our roofs are not just built; they are engineered for longevity. We use the highest quality materials that come with warranties, giving you peace of mind for decades to come.

Energy Efficiency

In an age where energy savings and sustainability matter, our roofing systems are designed to enhance your home’s energy efficiency. This means lower energy bills and a comfortable indoor temperature year-round.

Expert Craftsmanship

We pride ourselves on our team of certified professionals who bring a blend of tradition and innovation to every project. Brentwood Roofing Company, Solar Pro Roofing represents a legacy of roofing excellence.

Industry-Leading Warranties

Your investment is protected by our comprehensive warranties that cover both materials and workmanship. Rest assured, your roofing is in secure hands.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction remains our driving force. From the initial consultation to the final inspection, we stand by you, ensuring that the finished product exceeds your expectations.

Our Roof Installation Services Include:

  • Free consultation to assess your needs
  • Tailored solutions for individual homes
  • Option to install environmentally-friendly solar-ready roofs
  • Timely and efficient project completion
  • Clean-up and eco-friendly disposal of old roofing materials
  • Post-installation support and maintenance

Are you ready to elevate your property with a secure and energy-efficient roof? Don’t wait for a leak to tell you it’s time for a new roof.

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Our commitment to quality has made Solar Pro Roofing synonymous with exceptional roof installation in Brentwood.

Why Hire Us to Install Your New Roof in Brentwood, NY?

Choosing the right team for your new roof installation in Brentwood, NY is crucial for the longevity and performance of what is arguably the most critical part of your home. At Solar Pro Roofing, we don’t just see this as another job but as an opportunity to fortify your sanctuary against the elements. Our dedication to using only the highest quality materials means your roof is not just installed but meticulously crafted to stand the test of time. Combined with our unmatched craftsmanship, innovative practices, and a customer-centered approach, we ensure your roofing project exceeds expectations from start to finish. Our commitment to your satisfaction is reflected not only in our craftsmanship but also in our transparent communication and the personalized service we offer every client. When you choose us, you’re not just getting a roof; you’re investing in peace of mind.

Our Team -

Melissa Rodriguez

– Operations Manager

Luigi Basile

– Sales Manager – Long Island/NYC Market

Andrew Grotsky

– Sales Manager – Northeast Market, TX and NM

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Jarret taught me so much about solar I thought I was already an expert on it myself!.

John B.

My last PSEG bill was ONE penny..

Maureen G.

Jarret took the time to make a proposal unique to the needs of my home!..

Christina C.