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Traditional power sources will leave you in the dark with a hole in your pocket. Customers that switched to solar can save up to $100 or more monthly immediately with no investment. We also offer battery backup to make for a fully self-sufficient, net-zero home. Some of our recent service areas are but not limited to MedfordIslandiaNorthportCenter MorichesBrentwoodSt. JamesFarmingville,  NesconsetStony BrookCommackWest BabylonSag HarborNorth BabylonEast IslipWest Islip, Bohemia, Babylon, PatchogueSayville, Massapequa, Wantagh, Jamaica, Howard Beach, Holbrook, Centereach, Ronkonkoma, Central Islip, Selden, Lake Grove, Setauket, Southampton, Wading River, East Hampton, West Hampton, Montauk, Miller Place, Riverhead, Port Jefferson and more. 

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Our Process

  • Step One You send us your electric bill with your usage
  • Design & Planning We design a system to do 100% of your power (we can go over 100% if you have plans to add anything to the home that would require extra electricity you don’t need right now)
  • Options We show you multiple options to install your system with no out of pocket expense.
  • Financing or Leasing We qualify you for financing or leasing
  • Paperwork We submit all the permits and utility paperwork
  • Installation Once we have the approval we schedule your installation
  • Save Money You're up and running and saving money

TOP 10 Questions

plus some misinformation about solar/ objections

We do a new roof on 98% of the jobs we install solar on so that both can co exist and last as long as possible for our customers. The racking system that holds the panels in anchored into the rafters or beams in the attic with lag bolts that can sustain hurricane worthy wind speeds. These penetration points are then flashed and sealed the flashing covers the penetration point with a lip that makes it virtually impossible for water to get in there. These penetration points are also warranteed in writing on our contracts as being water tight. In almost a decade of solar less than 14% of homeowners experience leaks due to solar installation.

All the panels we offer our customers come with a 25 year warranty on the panels themselves and the power they will produce over 25 years. The inverters that power the panels are also warranteed for 25 years.

Solar panels today do not lose much power over time at all. Our best panel only loses 8% of power over 25 years. We can often even hedge against this by designing a system that will produce 108% or more so that 25 years from now it will still provide you with 100% of your power

Solar loans and leases are 100% transferrable when you sell your home. With a solar loan in particular the payments are often fixed, and have an end date unlike the electric bill your new buyer would take on from purchasing your home which are eternal, forever escalating, and most often fluctuate month to month.
Unfortunately there is no average. There are many factors that determine how much your solar project will cost. From the brand, wattage and efficiency of the solar panels you choose, from the amount of panels you’ll require to power your home (as everyone uses different amounts of electricity even in similar homes due to family size, appliances, habitual use etc. ) and finally the simplicity or complexity of the install. We have found that every home is uniquely different and requires a seasoned eye to customize and tailor the right work for your home personally.
No, your solar payment is for the system itself and while you’re paying for it the system will produce free energy for your home. Your electric company will simply be there as a back up only when and if you need more power than your system can produce.

Batteries are great for power outages as solar panels alone won’t keep you powered during an outage or black out. They don’t offer too many other benefits as of now towards much else in many states that offer net metering (like NY, NJ, CT, MA & RI) net metering stores extra power generated during sunny months so you can pull back from it free of charge on cloudy days, evenings and winter months.

We have found from our thousands of customers over the years that buying/financing is usually the more advantageous route to go. It offer no out of pocket, low interest rates, and offers immediate savings as you pay off the system. For some people who cannot benefit from the tax credits we occasionally recommend leasing.

Tax credits are percentage based with solar. The Federal government offers 30% of the entire project cost (uncapped) and New York State offers 25% capped at $5,000. You should always double check with your accountant or tax professional if you’re capable of receiving these credits as they are based on your “tax appetite” or “tax liability” which in essence is the amount of money you typically wouldn’t get back after paying taxes that year.

These are projects we do on nearly every job and are identified when we assess your home to check it’s candidacy for solar. This would be relayed to you prior to signing a contract, the work can be rolled into the solar loan or lease with no out of pocket investment and you as you receive a 30% tax credit on the whole solar project doing it through solar is more advantageous than paying for them out of pocket prior to going solar.

Solar power is produced not so much on a monthly scale but on an annual scale. Your system would overproduce for you in spring and summer and that surplus electricity generated or “extra power” gets banked for you in the grid so that you can pull back from it at night and winter so that you’re not paying for electric when the system cannot effectively produce power. It works very similar to “roll over minutes for a cell phone”

We cannot speak on how other companies do business but in those cases their system is likely not producing 100% of their power so they need electricity from their utility company at the same rate you’d pay without it. This in conjunction with a solar payment is certainly not ideal but usually still saves money. When it comes to our company not only are we very transparent with what your offset will be with solar. (How much of your electricity will be supplied from the panels vs what you need) we evaluate your home to ensure the panels will produce what we project prior to executing a contract.
This is a great question and why we love what we do. Although we use years and years of well earned expertise through experience to properly design a system that best meets your needs, offer programs that are advantageous for you not just the solar company, and flawlessly get your project done in a punctual and professional manner we do not install your panels on the roof. We are premier partners with a few very large, prestigious installation companies around the world that offer hefty warranties and white glove workmanship and service. The benefit of going through us is that those companies carry large overheads and marketing costs reciprocated to their customers final prices that we are able to circumvent. On average we save our customers $3,000-$5,000 more than if they sign up with those companies directly and expedite their process timelines by approximately 40% faster. We also aren’t tasked with selling you “one installer” because that’s all we have but rather effectively ascertaining what you need specifically and matching you with the best one in our network for a reduced price they wouldn’t be able to offer you in house.

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Jarret taught me so much about solar I thought I was already an expert on it myself!

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Jarret took the time to make a proposal unique to the needs of my home!.

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